Self-Help Wristbands & Gift set

    The "I Am Awesome & Stay Calm, Breathe, Smile" wristbands provide positive affirmations & coping strategies to build resilience, self-esteem and provide coping strategies children & teens can try when they need to relax or combat a negative emotion.

    The Remembrance Kit was a wonderful gift to my granddaughter

    Julie, Texas

    We gave the students the strategy wristbands as part of our positive behavior intervention systems at our school.  Great reminders for kids!

    Stacy, Kansas

    Not ready to purchase A Kid's Grief Journal? No problem, we created a "Children's Grief & Loss" worksheet which is a digital zip file of 3 pages directly from the journal. It consists of 2 writing prompts and 1 breathing exercise. In addition, we created other downloadable worksheets you can use with children at home, in a classroom, or in a therapeutic setting. Just click the download arrow↓ Once payment is made, the zip file/pdf will be sent via email.


    Please check out our other worksheets created to get children to think & speak positively about themselves. They can be used during therapy sessions or while having conversations at home or school with a child. 

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